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How to get rodeo Sponsorship

How to get rodeo sponsorship? Its a question that every rodeo athletes has but never got a right answer. Rodeo Graphics has been helping different rodeo athletes to get there sponsorship.

The cowboys has lots of expenses as compared to there income, so its very important for them to have best sponsorship to meet there expenditures.

Here we will explain you briefly how to get rodeo sponsorship.

Steps Involved in getting Rodeo Sponsorship:

1. Brand Yourself
2. Increase your social Network
3. Create sponsorship package
4. Shortlist your target sponsors
5. Set an appointment

1. Brand Yourself
Its really important to have some brand image first before going for a sponsorship. Get your
Logo Design
Website Design
T-Shirts Design
Autograph Sheets Design
Dedicate a special area for Sponsors on website

2. Increase your Social Network
Setup your Facebook/Twitter and YouTube page
Share videos and photos
Do some sponsor posts of your best rides
Increase likes on your page
Share selfies with fans on your Facebook page and tag them

3. Create sponsorship package
Rodeo Graphics Helps to create a detailed Rodeo Sponsorship Package.

4. Shortlist your target sponsors
There are tons of companies in the market who have been sponsoring and they have different criteria. So Read about your sponsor, find out there history and be prepared with general knowledge of that company.

5. Set an appointment
Call your sponsor and set an appointment with them.

List of Famous Rodeo Sponsors
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Cactus Ropes
Rodeo Graphics
Justin Boots
Boot Barn
Montana Silversmiths
Heel-o-matic Training System
Cactus Gear