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Cartoon character and mascots are usually used to identify a brand. It’s the perfect tool to share a message with your audience. Whether digital graphics, watercolors, or sketches, these custom cartoon characters and illustrations contribute to human touch and add a sense of light and fun to the thought pieces circulating the Internet.

Rodeo Graphics have a rich history of creating a whole cast of custom cartoon characters and luscious, eye-popping illustrations. Whatever you’re looking for, Rodeo Graphics will no doubt already have the relevant skill and experience to exceed all of your expectations. We are professional, flexible, quick to deliver and committed to complete customer satisfaction.

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Looking for a custom cartoon, comic, or illustration, interested in a web comic to set social media alight? you’ve come to the right place. Our team will brighten-up your brand, animations done by Rodeo Graphic’s team will really get people taking about your business. We have extensive experience in working with a broad spectrum of media platforms.